Lamborghini Museum

The Museum

The new Museo is a space dedicated to the memory of a brilliant entrepreneur and his innovative engineering and design creations.

The Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum narrates the life of Ferruccio through his mechanical creations and a vast archive of family’s photos. This place, conceived and founded by the entrepreneur Tonino Lamborghini to celebrate his father, was inaugurated in 2014.

Inside 9,000 sqm. the Museum holds all the industrial productions of the Doctor of Engineering (Hon. Causa) Lamborghini, from the first Carioca tractor which started his company in 1947, to the most important vehicles of the ‘50s,’60s and ‘70s. An emotional journey will let you admire Ferruccio’s personal car collection, like the fabulous Miura SV, the Fiat Barchetta Sport, modified to participate in the 1948 Mille Miglia competition, the futuristic Countach, Jarama models, Urracos and the Espada with seagull wing doors that inspired the car of the Back to the Future movie.

The Museum will also offer you a glimpse of two special stories: the helicopter prototype and the 11-time world champion Fast 45 Diablo Class 1 offshore boat, 13.5 meters long with Lamborghini engines.

The reconstruction of Ferruccio’s first office at Lamborghini Tractors company with his personal effects, official documents and photos of the period will help you discover not only his life, but also the story of his family and of the people who worked for his companies during the Italian economic boom in the late ’50s-‘60s.