The Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum at the Motor Valley Fest 2021

Bologna, July 1, 2021 – The Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum in Funo di Argelato will participate in the third edition of the Motor Valley Fest, the great widespread festival of the Emilia-Romagna Motor Valley scheduled in the city of Modena from 1 to 4 July.

During the event the Museum dedicated to the founder of the bull brand, will be present with a dedicated stand in the cloister of the Military Academy of Modena showing a model of the famous Lamborghini 400 GT 2 + 2.
The Lamborghini 400GT 2 + 2, was presented at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show, and produced between 1966 and 1968 in 250 + 23 pieces called ad interim, because they had the characteristics of the 350GT, but had the 400 GT engine.

The production of the 400GT followed the presentation of the prototype of the futuristic 350GT, had during the Geneva Motor Show in 1964. The 400GTs were then built by Carrozzeria Touring of Milan, both in 2-seater and 2 + 2- seater versions, the latter more suitable for family use. The main aesthetic innovations of the 400 GT, compared to the previous 350 GT model, were given by the new double circular headlights instead of the ovoid ones, the removal of the bolts in the wheels and the restyling of the front grille. From a technical point of view, the greatest difference, which justified the change of name to 400 GT, was given by the increase in displacement of the front V12 to 3929 cm³, and the increased power to 320 HP obtained at a lower speed of 500 rpm: with these characteristics the car could reach a top speed of 250 km / h. The Lamborghini 400GT was also produced in special versions, the 400 GT Monza, or Monza 400, the 400 GT Flying Star II, designed by Carrozzeria Touring itself.

At the Motor Valley Fest booth 2021 visitors will have the chance to get know one of Ferruccio Lamborghini’s most famous creations, as well as anecdotes about the history of Ferruccio told by the guides of the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum, the cultural space inaugurated in 2014 by the comm. Tonino Lamborghini, president of the Museum and son of the mechanical genius who gave life to the famous Bull brand.